Mandala Designs

Here you find the trademark “Mandalas” – Martina Rosenberg was inspired way back in 1993  by watching a TV special about the Nepal Mandala traditions of sand Mandalas – which are swiped away after their completion. Making them is just an exercise and meditation. She was hooked and thought about the creation of a design, which makes the stitching a meditation, but with results to stay and be framed and viewed over and over again…

Martina’s firsts Mandalas were created and published when nobody else made them – she invented this way of kaleidoscopic designs for stitching. Including research and all other steps, she spent a minimum between 100 and 200+ hours for the large design itself – and I loved every step of the voyage!

Be it small or medium or large, you will sure enjoy the stitching and maybe even the meditation in it!

OCF – Mini Mandala Circle 1

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OCF – Mini Mandala Circle 2

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